Western Homosexual/Abortion Ideologies and Islamic Fascism are the Evil Twins of the 21st Century

Thanks to CNS

According to a 15 October 2015 article in CNS, Cardinal Sarah has identified certain elements in both Western and Eastern societies as being caustic to the world:

Cardinal Robert Sarah, one of the most prominent Catholic Church leaders participating in the Vatican’s ongoing synod meeting about the family, said in his remarks that the world currently faces two major threats, 1) the “idolatry of Western freedom,” which he defined as “atheistic secularism,” and 2) “Islamic fundamentalism.”

These “two unexpected threats” are “almost like two ‘apocalyptic beasts,’” said Cardinal Sarah, who was appointed by Pope Francis in 2014 to head the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

He also stressed that just as Nazi-fascism and communism were twin evils of the 20th century, so too today are “Western homosexual and abortion Ideologies and Islamic fascism.”

During his intervention at the Synod on the Family on Oct. 6,  Cardinal Sarah said, “A theological discernment enables us to see in our time two unexpected threats (almost like two ‘apocalyptic beasts’) located on opposite poles: on the one hand, the idolatry of Western freedom; on the other, Islamic fundamentalism: atheistic secularism versus religious fanaticism.”

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