A Few Excellent Assessments of Our Situation on 11 September 2015

After the “classless” celebration of 9/11 by Marie Harf & company reported
on BizPac Review, one has to wonder

Islam has Expanded Its Reach

As politely pointed out in the following Christian Broadcasting Network video, the power of radical Islam has grown immensely since 11 September 2001 — largely in response to action and inaction of the United States leaders.  Following is the text of the CBN report (with comment from this blogger):

“Today is 9/11 and today America remembers the deadliest terrorist attack in our history.  We are also reminded that the threat posed by Islamic terrorism is far from over.

Al Qaeda launched the attack on 9/11 and today another group of terrorists, ISIS, is also promising to strike the United States.  Fourteen years on, Al Qaeda and its affiliates are still plotting death against the enemies of Islam.

According to CBN News Terrorism Analyst Erick Stakelbeck, al Qaeda and its affiliates are still plotting death against the enemies of Islam.

‘Al Qaeda has actually expanded its reach since 9/11 and is present in more countries today than it was on 9/11 when we were attacked,’ Stakelbeck said.

And, unlike in 2001, experts say that the terror threat today is more pervasive as terrorists — often operating in small cell groups or as lone wolves like the Boston bomber — are driven to murder and mayhem in the name of Islam.  CBN News Terrorism analyst Erick Stakelbeck says that ISIS, unlike any other terror group, has mastered the call to jihad.”

” ‘ISIS, among the younger generation of jihadis, especially here in the West, ISIS is the cool thing,’ he explained. ‘They are so active on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, they are everywhere, ISIS is a phenomenon.’

That phenomenon continues to gobble up vast swaths of territory in the Middle East, leaving behind a reign of terror and tears.  (Terror and tears allowed by the removal of the stabilizing effect of American troops from Iraq.  Admittedly, our American troops were in harm’s way due in large part to the efforts of Iran, who Obama wants America to join in agreement with in order to ensure their nuclear capabilities.)

‘We’re fleeing from ISIS and the Syrian regime,’ one refugee said. ‘Even before yesterday, ISIS entered our village so we had to flee.’

Formed in 2013, ISIS has quickly become a virulent, wealthy, transnational terror organization that is constantly recruiting. And now a U.S. official told the BBC they’re also using chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria.

‘They have tentacles everywhere,’ said Robert Spencer, author of The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS. “People don’t know that they are not just in Iraq and Syria, where they already control the territory the size of Great Britain.’

‘But because they claim to be the only legitimate government among Muslims all over the world, the caliphate, they also have territory in Libya and they have gotten the allegiance of other jihad groups in Nigeria, the Philippines, Yemen, all over the world,’ he said.

Remember when President Barack Obama referred to ISIS as the ‘JV’ team?

Well according to revelations this week by The Daily Beast intelligence officials were altering reports on ISIS to fit the president’s assertion that the United States was winning the war against them and other terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

‘He wants to give the portrayal that ISIS is on the run and that limited U.S. airstrikes are having a great effect on ISIS, but meanwhile the facts on the ground say otherwise,’ Stakelbeck said.

Meanwhile ISIS and al Qaeda remain deeply opposed to one another, with al Qaeda chief Ayman al Zawahiri just this week releasing a tape blasting ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Still, the two groups remain committed to their mission against their enemies.

And, not to be outdone by ISIS, al Qaeda is out with its latest magazine, issued days before today’s 9/11 anniversary. In it, the group calls for more lone-wolf attacks and assassination operations against some of America’s richest men, including Bill Gates, the Koch brothers, and Warren Buffett.

As America remembers the horrific scenes of 9/11, authorities are still concerned about another major terror attack, as well as those ‘lone-wolf’ operations.

They also worry about the possibility that such attacks — like those in Paris this year and elsewhere — could become more and more common. And like 9/11, they would be carried out in the name of Islam.

This is a reminder that we need to remain vigilant.  However, it is also a reminder that we are in a war of ideas.   How has ISIS been so successful?  It is because of their idea that they are the caliphate and are the legitimate government of all Muslims.  How do you combat that?  You combat that in the same way.  You battle it as an idea.  If you think that if you go onto a bus full of unbelievers and blow yourself up in order to gain entry to heaven, you are wrong.  If that is your act and attitude, you are not going to heaven.  Now, more than ever, we need to preach the good news.”

No Safe Place

Similar to the previously quoted report, I have provided the text of the CBN report (with parenthetical comments by this blogger):

“Middle East Christians escaping militant Islam have found a safe refuge in the West.  The massive wave of Muslim migrants into Europe has left some of those Christians wondering if any place is safe, according to a group of Christian migrants in Sodertalje, Sweden.  More than half of the people in Sodertalje are Christian immigrants, most have fled violence and persecution in Iraq and Syria.

Many have come to churches because they want to express themselves freely, to worship freely in the West.  But even in Sweden, they are questioning their safety and their future.”

“Those attending services at St. Efrem’s are members of the Syriac Orthodox Church – the world’s oldest Christian community. They pray and sing in Aramaic, the ancient language of Jesus.  Some of the Christians are worried about the sudden wave of new migrants and refugees entering Europe.

‘If the massive influx of Muslim immigrants come from North African countries and from Middle Eastern countries, they want to impose Sharia law. We are just trying to keep our traditions and our values and our democracy alive,’ David Dag, with the Aramean Democratic Organization of Sweden, said. (Additionally, it should be noted that our Islamic-sympathizing President wants to bring some 10,000 of these ‘refugees’ into the United States.  Whether he naively believes them to be innocent Muslims or actually wants to use them as murder weapons against the Christians of America, nobody can tell.  His history of lying — from ‘you can keep your doctor‘ to ‘Benghazi was the spontaneous reaction to a poorly-made Internet video’ to ‘full employment in August 2015′ to the lies about the ‘JV’ team to the latest item in the Iran deal — makes it hard to believe him.)

As thousands pour over borders, will they assimilate and embrace Western culture, or will they attempt to impose their ways on the West? And as they did in Iraq and Syria, will these Muslim refugees extend their war to Europe? These Christians found a safe haven in Sweden, but now some fear it may eventually be lost.

Amer Georges Behnam, an Iraqi immigrant, worked with the Americans in Iraq. He fled his country because his life was threatened.

‘I was an engineer and I wanted to build my country but they wouldn’t let me. They forced me out of my country. I’m afraid these newcomers may want to destroy this peaceful country,’ Behnam said.

Some people on social media are questioning the motives of the refugees. A Hungarian police video shows male migrants tossing water onto train tracks. (One might note that all of these immigrants are of army age, fit, and wary of people who will soon likely be their victims.)  They said they didn’t want food or water, they only wanted to get to Germany.  But why? Are they seeking jobs and a better life, or are some coming to wage war on Europe? ISIS claims 4,000 of its jihadists have infiltrated the refugee ranks. Bulgarian border guards have already arrested suspected ISIS terrorists posing as refugees.

Aiham Jneidi, a Muslim migrant from Syria. has some advice for the Swedish government.

‘Before letting them settle here, the Swedish government should check Facebook and use other means to determine if these refugees were fighters in Syria or Iraq,’ Jneidi said.

Some Christian migrants of Sodertalje believe European governments need to do more to protect them and Western culture from a potential armed, or unarmed Islamic invasion.

‘They’re trying to be nice, but it doesn’t work,’ Dag said. ‘They should be concerned for the future generations and take their Christianity more seriously and come back to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.’

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