Responses to the Death of an American Humanitarian Aid Worker by ISIS

This photo courtesy of the Mueller family.

Kayla’s Response to Her Own Situation was to Protect the Weak

American Christian Kayla Mueller: Part of a History of Christian Women Protecting Others

In an Breitbart article of 18 August 2015, the story of how Kayla Mueller was able to protect Yezidi teenage sex slaves became a central point:

“Last Friday, Mueller’s parents disclosed that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi kept her as his personal sex slave at the home of another militant with teenage Yazidi sex slaves. She immediately protected the young girls from the beasts.

But Mueller was the prize possession: an American Christian. The girls confirmed that Mueller disappeared whenever al-Baghdadi visited the house. But when Mueller came back to her room, she was “distressed and crying.” She confirmed that ISIS forced her to marry the vicious leader.

“I saw him often, he came there often,” she described. “And every time he came, he took Kayla away. She would always come back after.”

Mueller risked her life to protect the Yazidis. The teenager who told her story escaped with her sister in October, but Mueller decided to stay because she thought “her foreign appearance would put them in danger while on the run.”

Despite the abuse she endured, Mueller told her parents everything only strengthened her Christian faith …”

ABC Responded to Her Sacrifice by Never Mentioning her Christian Faith

In an 14 August 2015 report by ABC, the news agency reported how Mueller was kept as a sex slave for Al Baghdadi at the home of Abu Sayyaf.  They reported the original story of her death and the Yazidi girls who Mueller helped to escape.  Like the Breitbart writer, ABC reported that Mueller had not been killed by the bombs that ISIS claimed to have killed her.  Unlike any other source, ABC contended not to know the cause of her death:

But days later, Mueller was dead. ISIS claimed in a public statement that she had been killed in an airstrike by Jordanian aircraft on a building in Syria. Though U.S. officials somehow quickly confirmed her death, they have since disputed ISIS’s claim of how she perished. How Kayla Mueller actually died isn’t known, officials told ABC News.

However, with all of this, they did not report one thing: the reporters in this agency never mentioned that the core of Mueller’s protective attempts was her Christian faith.

Franklin Graham Responds by Pointing to the Real God

In an 18 August 2015 article on CNS News, the response of Franklin Graham was reported as follows:

The Rev. Graham’s Facebook post continued:

“Now it has been released that Kayla Mueller, the 26-year-old American aid worker captured by ISIS and killed in February, was repeatedly raped by ISIS top leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and another senior IS member.

This is a barbaric specialty of ISIS, … they have a highly organized sex trade industry, even keeping an inventory of sex slaves.

The New York Times reports about the unbelievable horrors and trauma experienced by women and girls as young as 12 as they are repeatedly raped and brutalized by ISIS. The report reveals that the men prayed before and after raping them, saying that the Quran gives them the right to do this and that it pleases their god.

I’ll say it again—the god of Islam is not the one true God of the Bible. We need to pray for Christians, Yazidis, moderate Muslims, and all those across the Middle East who are persecuted and suffering at the hands of ISIS.”

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