Christian Leaders’ React to Supreme Court

Some Christians Speak Out

After SCOTUS declared all state laws banning gay marriage illegal (including the 30 states whose citizens passed constitutional amendments banning on same-sex unions), Christian leaders have scrambled to respond both correctly and lovingly to the situation.

On 1 July 2015, leaders from 11 Christian groups and denominations gathered at the steps of the Supreme Court to discuss the implications of the decision.

John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews said:

“We have seen (from same-sex marriage decisions) the repression of religious freedom, of freedom of speech, and freedoms of parents to guide the education of their own children.”

He also pointed to what has already happened to opponents of gay marriage in countries where gay marriage has been adopted:

“In Ireland, when it (gay marriage) passed, same-sex registrars were told that they could be jailed for six months.  Churches faced fines for denying same-sex ceremonies.  In France, they forbid negative speech against homosexuality.”

Some suggested that the Feds could intimidate Christians into going along with the new view of marriage.

“Christian America is under siege by the forces of secularism.  There is no doubt that the advocates of same-sex marriage will attempt to use the full  force of the U.S. government to force Christians to secularize.”

Westen finally suggested that Christian churches and colleges protect themselves from discrimination lawsuits by showing their resistence is not about homosexuality.  It is about defending God’s teaching on sexuality as a whole.

“(Churches and Christian colleges need to demonstrate a) principle of being against pornography, sex before marriage, promiscuity, and everything like that.  Those policies, at least if they’re up front and known, will show that we are for the whole teaching of God’s design for human sexuality.”


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