How Gay Marriage Could Effect Children, our Rights, and Christian Colleges


Mental Problems More Likely for Kids of Gay Parents

According to the following 16 Feb 2015 report by the Christian Broadcast Network, a study conducted by sociologist and priest Donald Sullins of the Catholic University of America and conducted on 512 American children raised by same-sex couples found that mental problems occur more frequently with children within homes headed by same-sex couples.  More specifically, using 8 out of 12 standard psychological measurements, the study found:

  • Children with same-sex parents had over twice as many mental and emotional problems
    • Seventeen percent of the children with same-sex parents had serious problems
    • Seven percent of children with opposite-sex parents had serious problems
  • Developmental problems also increased among children of same-sex couples
    • Fifteen percent of children with same-sex parents had ADHD
    • Seven percent of children with a mother and father had ADHD
  • Similar results were shown for learning disabilities

The Witherspoon Institute reports that bullying was eliminated as a factor, because the children from both types of families reported similar levels of bullying.

Read more at Newsbusters (regarding the lack of media coverage) and the Heritage Foundation (regarding flawed earlier studies).

Daughter of Lesbians: ‘The Kids Are Not Alright’

In this 28 Apr 2015 report by the Christian Broadcasting Network, Heather Barwick and Katy Faust were said to have filed a friend of the court brief before the Supreme Court due to the fact that they felt were harmed by having been raised without both a father and a mother.

“While we love and cherish our mothers, we feel it’s imperative that we bring to the court’s attention the impact that redefining marriage will have on children like us.

We oppose gay marriage on the grounds that it violates children’s rights and cannot provide children with the most foundational building blocks for child development – a mother and father living with and loving them.”

Similarly, Brandi Walton wrote The Kids Are Not Alright: A Lesbian’s Daughter Speaks Out to express the point of view of an adult daughter of a same-sex couple.

How Gay Marriage Can Kill First Amendment Rights

Eric Metaxas Details Its Destruction of Free Speech and Religious Freedom in Canada

In his 26 June 2012 submission to Breakpoint, Eric Metaxas described how same-sex marriage proponents in Canada stifled the free speech and religious rights of any people who disagreed:

“The handwriting is on the wall in Canada, which legalized same-sex ‘marriage’ in 2005, in effect completely changing its true meaning. Since then, as Michael Coren notes in National Review Online, ‘there have been between 200 and 300 proceedings … against critics and opponents of same-sex marriage.’ Of course he means legal proceedings.

For instance, in Saskatchewan, a homosexual man called a state marriage commissioner, wanting to “marry” his partner. The commissioner, an evangelical Christian, declined to conduct the ceremony for religious reasons. He simply referred the man to another commissioner.

But that was not enough for the gay couple. Even though they got their ceremony, they wanted to punish the Christian who had declined to conduct it. The case ended up in the courts. And the result? Those with religious objections to conducting such ceremonies now face the loss of their jobs.”

Additionally, this pattern of suppression of free speech and religious rights began occurring in America during 2014 with the cases of Jack Phillips and others.

How Gay Marriage Could Hurt Christian Colleges

In a 28 April 2015 Washington Post article, Sarah Baily quoted an exchange between Justice Alito and Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr., who was arguing for the same-sex couples on behalf of the Obama administration:

Justice Alito: Well, in the Bob Jones case, the Court held that a college was not entitled to tax­ exempt status if it opposed interracial marriage or interracial dating. So would the same apply to a university or a college if it opposed same­-sex marriage?

General Verrilli: You know, ­­I don’t think I can answer that question without knowing more specifics, but it’s certainly going to be an issue. I don’t deny that. I don’t deny that, Justice Alito. It is – it is going to be an issue.

Therefore, by the admission of Solicitor General Verrilli, tax-free status may be revoked for colleges that refuse to perform same-sex weddings.

Churches May Be Pushed Out Financially Due to Their Opposition to Gay Marriage

By the same line of reasoning applied by Justice Alito to colleges and by the example provided by Canada, it is not hard to see how churches might be bankrupt by lawsuits and the denial of tax-free status.

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