Millions of Fed Workers Compromised in Cyber Attack

Thanks to TechSpot

Chinese Hackers Steal 4 Million Government Employee Records

The US government (the entity that told us that it could handle something as personal as our health care successfully) has had the records of 4 million of its employees stolen.

This has occurred just months after the President convened a summit of executives from America’s top technical companies, where he signed an executive order mandating the government to work with private industry on cyber-security threats.

This breach is the most extensive of all known invasions of governmental files, affecting personal information of as many as 4 million past and present employees of the U.S. government.

Unlike the data stolen from 2014 Home Depot and 2013 Target data thefts, this data breach may not only be used for financial fraud, but also as a springboard for spying and as a tool in international negotiations.

Although this breach was discovered during April 2015, there is little evidence of how long the hackers have had access to the files.  Still, this seems to be a second attempt to access the files from the Office of Personnel Management (the segment of the American government subject to electronic theft by Chinese hackers in early 2014).

Because the office performs extensive background checks on potential employees, this group holds more data on each person than a normal personnel file would.

Still, this attack is not completely unprecedented: just last year, the State Department was attacked by hackers likely from Russia.  Additionally, these Russian hackers may have accessed the White House via the State Department breach.

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