So Obama Expects Putin to Flinch due to Sanctions?

On 26 February 2014, Putin invaded Crimea under the pretense of protecting ethnic Russians in Ukraine.  Of course, the ouster of Russia-friendly Ukrainian President Yanukovych likely provided the greater imputice to Putin’s actions.  In response, according to a 23 March 2014 New York Times article, Obama ratcheted up economic sanctions on Russia.  Hardly batting an eye, Putin established a firm foothold on Crimea.  Soon (16 March), Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia in a ballot largely influenced by the Russian troops who had moved into the peninsula weeks before in support of pro-Russian separatists.

On 2 May 2014, Russian separatists shot down helicopters and took over government buildings in Odessa.  On 7 June, Petro Poroshenko was sworn in as Ukraine’s president and called on separatists to lay down their arms and end the fighting.  He later ordered the creation of humanitarian corridors, since violated, to allow civilians to flee war zones.  A Buk surface-to-air rocket downed Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 on 17 July over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board.  A Russian aid convoy of more than 100 panel trucks entered eastern Ukraine on 22 August and made a drop in rebel-controlled Luhansk without Government permission, sparking allegations of a “direct violation of international law”.  On 29 August, NATO releases satellite images appearing to show Russian soldiers, artillery and armored vehicles engaged in military operations in eastern Ukraine.

This photo comes via a link to Business Insider.

The Christian Broadcasting Network reported on 6 November 2014 that Russia had launched ballistic missiles from submarines.  In a following report, CBN also reported that the Polish President has taken action to protect his electorate from the Russian menace that has all but taken over the Ukraine.

History of the Russian intelligence agencies

Torture and Murder of Christians by Russians Reported in Ukraine

Chess Expert Garry Kasparov Estimates Putin to be the Most Dangerous

As an expert in strategy, Kasparov’s warning of the danger of Putin should be taken into mind.

Putin works to Push the Shadow of the Iron Curtain Back into Place

The following video from the Christian Broadcasting Network highlights Putin’s aggression against Ukraine, against America in the Western Pacific and our airspace, and against the West as stated by former USSR President Gorbachev.

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