Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority

The problem with politically-correct myth of Islam is that it is a system of explaining things that does not consider the cold, hard numbers. Ben Shapiro provides the following hard numbers in debunking the myth of the tiny radical Muslim minority in the video provided at the bottom of this blog.

First, he asks, “Is radicalism in the Muslim world a tiny minority phenomenon?”

Then he lays the groundwork by stating, “There are 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet, living in 49 countries. All the stats are from Pew Research as of 2011.” He then provides the following numbers showing that the radicalism is vastly under-estimated.

Nation Population Indicators of
Radical Islam
Numbers of
Radical Muslims
Indonesia 205 million 50% support strict Sharia law
70% blame US or Israel for 9-11
143 million
Egypt 80 million 65% want strict Sharia in all Islamic nations
70% positive or mixed feelings on Bin Laden
55.2 million
Pakistan 179 million 76% want strict Sharia law in all Islamic countries 135.4 million
Bangladesh 149 million 26% suicide bombings or killing of civilians justified
82% want Sharia law over Bangladesh
75% honor killings of women sometimes justified
121.9 million
Nigeria 75.7 million 71% favor Sharia law 53.7 million
Iran 78.4 million 83% favor Sharia law as the law of Iran 62.1 million
Turkey 74.7 million 32% honor killings of women sometimes justified 23.9 million
Morocco 32.4 million 76% support Sharia law 24.6 million
Iraq 31.1 million 78% honor killings of women justified 24.3 million
Afghanistan 24 million 76% support honor killings of women
99% want Sharia as law of land
24 million
Jordan 6.4 million 60% approve of Hamas 3.8 million
Palestine 4.3 million 78% positive or mixed feelings to Bin Laden
89% support terrorist attacks
89% support Sharia law
3.83 million
France 4.7 million 35% suicide bombers sometimes justified 1.6 million
Great Britain 2.8 million 78% want cartoonists of Mohammad prosecuted 2.2 million
United States 2.6 million 13% violence against civilians justified
19% were favorable toward Al Qaeda

If these percentages are extrapolated to the uncounted nations (Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lybia, etc.), over half of Muslims fall into the radical Muslim category. That is a majority, not a minority; therefore, that makes the “minority of radical Muslims” nothing but a myth.

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