A Black Insurrection against Big Businesses, Big Banks, and the Democrats

This photo comes from Gregory Pitts’ YouTube

In a video titled Building Black Business versus Church — Move Money, Cancel Cable, Dump Democrat Party farm-owner-turned-activist Gregory Pitts builds a case for Blacks getting the attention of the big players in life: corporations, government, the banking system, and the Democratic Party. This video starts with the following:

In this video, I would like to point out the benefits of Black people getting the attention of corporations, our government, the banking system, and the Democratic Party by three steps. Number one being cancelling cable television. Number two being moving your money from large banks (megabanks) to community banks and investing your hard-earned money in your own community. And the final thing would be to dump the Democratic Party. Black people have been loyal and faithful to the Democratic Party for over 40 years. The liberal policies of the Democratic Party have failed and we see the results of of liberalism gone out of control, leaving the people with no other alternative than to change to the Republican Party.

Cancelling cable will save money and prevent both adults and children from being over-entertained. We have to admit that Black people are among the most entertained people on the planet — and brain-washed, constantly being bombarded with false images that do not represent true culture or true nature.

Moving your money into community banks is a sound investment into your own specific community.

Dumping the Democratic Party gives the Black people voice with the Republican Party and puts the Democrats on notice that the game has changed. Black people are no longer in lockstep or locked into the Democratic Party to receive crumbs.

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